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Castel Custom Wallpaper

With a mission to empower clients to be their own designer, Castel marked a renaissance in wallpaper. Blending modern techniques with the heritage of wallpaper in interior design, we helped build a brand that communicated this uniqueness. 


Creativity, elegance and the collaborative spirit Castel sought to inspire in clients all influenced our work developing their brand and marketing, from website design, content and visuals to print & PR. 

Castel brand hero statement design

Beautiful imagery, unique designs and a mission to empower clients in their own interior design journey all highlighted the importance of simple, elegant visual identity across the Castel brand.

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Texture and quality of materials featured strongly in the Castel range. As a result, engaging work across unique square postcards, luxury sample packs and design prompts, perfectly packaged the Castel experience in print. With print often missed out of the marketing mix, many brands have leveraged the perception of luxury that can come with the use of printed marketing materials, with Castel no exception.

Castel Printed Postcard Advert Design
Castel Graphic Design for Botanica Range

Working with Castel, we tapped into the artistry and design that underpins their brand. It's not often you get to take a back step and just appreciate art and creativity in their own right. Yet that's what Castel was empowering client's to do.


In fact, it's what we did working across their brand development, marketing strategy, PR, social media marketing and creative design. By embracing such artistry in pure form, we helped produce a cohesive brand that embodied a new age of creativity in interiors, while celebrating the history of wallpaper and the artistry Castel brought to life.

From initial concept designs to the development of a full fledged brand, we were proud to help them fulfil their pledge to each client of making 'your home, your Castel'.


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